Camilla Trapness interview

February 13, 2012

Check out this interview with Camilla Trapness from Ski Club Vail wearing her custom race suit from HR and Soulimit. Camilla recently represented Hong Kong in the 2012 National Winter Games in jilin, China (it's like China's Olympics--held only every four years--a very big deal). She placed 10th in the GS and 5th in the Slalom--very respectable as she is only 14 and she was racing against the best in China--the Chinese national team and the People's Liberation Army women--all in their 20s. She got lots of press, including a three minute segment on Chinese national news. Here is the link: Http://sports.cntv.cn/20120106/106834.shtml It takes about a minute to load the link, so just wait-and you will see Camilla wearing here custom race suit! She'll be wearing the suit again at the Rocky Mountain Junior Championships in March, the Whistler Cup, as well as two international children's races in Sweden this April. She also wore it at a junior national race in Austria, where she placed third in the slalom. Congratulations Camilla!