Originally started in the mid-80's as Hurricane Mtn. Optics, Hurricane Racing grew out of the need for a good Team Service company to provide expert technical service on the US Pro Tour as well as World Cup, Nor-Am's, and other regional series.  This endevour was abandoned in the late 80's and the original partners headed their own ways.  One still has a Ski & Bike shop at Mt Hood that uses the Hurricane Racing name.  An agreement between the original founders and the Hurricane Racing Team in MI, allowed the name to be used for race programs in MI and the Hurricane Racing Ski Camps at Mt. Hood and other locations.


Since 1992, the focus of the current company has been on providing top quality garments for ski team uniforms.  In conjunction with Chuck Roast Equipment Company, Hurricane Racing was one of the leaders in providing Polartec™ fleece garments to teams, clus and resorts throughout the country.  You can still see many of the original Hurricane Racing fleece panel vests at many events throughout the country today.

In 1997, as the fleece market wained, Hurricane Racing became the driving force behind the introduction of high qualtiy custom outerwear and racesuits in the US market.  As the organization behind the sales and distribution of the Beyond-X Uniform Program, Hurricane Racing introduced the concept of high-end custom team clothing and fully customized race suits.  


Parting ways in early 2009, Hurricane Racing was contracted by Halti USA to oversee Sales & Distribution of the Halti Club Collection.  During this trying economic time, Hurricane Racing was succesfull in introducing the Halti brand to a wide array of customers.  However, because of the difficult econominc situation with retail sales during those years, the Halti project was shelved and US distribution of the Halti Club Collection was discontinued.


In early 2010, Hurricane Racing obtained the exclusive US distribtuion rights to garments produced by Soullimit Technical Sportswear of Italy.  Soullimit is a dedicated supplier of high quality, custom garments to teams and clubs throughout Italy and Europe.  Their markets include Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Alpinism, and Cycling.  With some of the most advanced dye-sublimation equipment available, the custom printed garments produced by Soullimit have the most vibrant, bright colors available.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Teams & Clubs, as well as Resorts & Corporate customers, the highest level of Customer Service available in the ski uniform marketplace, along with top quality, cutting edges styles for fair market prices.

What We Do

Hurricane Racing is the premier supplier of high quality ski wear for Race Teams, Ski Clubs and Ski Resort Staff.  

We are the exclusive US distributor of Soullimit Technical Sportswear from Italy.  Soullimit is a leading European provider of uniforms for both Alpine & Nordic ski teams, as well as Cycling and Alpinism teams.